Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship almost everywhere in the world using express shipping services. We charge 45$ for Canada and US and 120$ International. 

Will I be charged custom fees once my package arrives in my country?

Maybe. Although this remains to the discretion of the custom agents in each respective country therefor extra customs related fees are in no way related to our company. Note: As a registered company we have the obligation to write the actual value of the purchased mask on each box being shipped and include the receipt of purchase in the package.

Excluded countries: Afghanistan, Russian Federation.

How long until I receive my mask?

Our goal is to ship our masks to their new owners as soon as we possibly can. Generally, masks ship out between 4 to 6 weeks after the date of purchase when no hair work is involved. However, be sure to verify this information on the page specific to the mask you want to purchase. Some masks have a longer shipping time than others by one week or two and an additional 3 weeks must be factored in for masks with hair work.

Once your order leaves our studio, it takes 4 to 5 open business days on average for it to reach destination, depending on which country you are in. A tracking number will be sent to you when your mask order is ready to go.  Note: Some countries may keep the package for inspection, and we are not responsible for any such delays.

Do you have any masks in stock that are ready to ship?

No. All our products are made-to-order by our team. Each mask model has a unique mold which means we can only cast one mask at a time. Once the mask is cast, it goes onto other departments such as Hair, Paint or Assembly. This explains our 6 to 8 weeks shipping time.

Can you produce my mask faster than the stated wait time on website?

No. We produce our mask on a first come first serve basis according to date of the order receive.

Can I request a custom paint job on the mask I ordered?

We always try our best to accommodate your requests. Please contact us so we can discuss possibilities. contact@realfleshmasks.com

Will your masks fit my head?

All our masks are made of high quality silicone which is a very flexible material that feels like skin. All of our masks are sculpted on a standard sized head form. Average circumference at forehead is between 21.5″ – 23″ inches. Our masks fit most without any problem. Keep in mind that beyond head size, face shape also plays a key role in an optimal fit. 

Do you offer other products like hands/gloves?

Not for now, but stay tuned; we have big ideas coming later this year.

Can you make a custom mask?

No. We do not offer this service as of now but we are always open to hearing your ideas and suggestions on the next mask you would like to see on the market. Join our Facebook page and be a part of our Facebook community.

Do your masks come with a headform?


How can I repair a ripped mask?

Our masks are reinforced with four way stretch fabric at openings and stress points for added durability. However, if defective or a tear is there on reception of the product wile we can't exchange or reimburse due to the nature of the product and for sanitary reason you can return the mask in the first 2 weeks for free repair.later in time if a tear should occur, you can use any silicone glue such as Sil-Poxy from Smooth-On or GE Silicone 1 clear. (Available at any hardware store) to permanently make a repair. Remember: the only thing that sticks to silicone, is silicone. Simply wash the damage area with rubbing alcohol, let the area dry then dab on a small amount of silicone glue in the torn area and let it set. 

Paypal Protection Policy

When paying for your purchase using your Paypal account, in accordance with the Paypal Protection Policy, please make sure the address featured in your Paypal matches the same shipping address for your mask order. This allows you, the Buyer and us, the Sellers to benefit from insurance coverage by Paypal. If the Paypal address does not match the requested shipping address, we may find ourselves obligated to contact you and find a solution that will be in accordance with Paypal’s Protection Policy.

cancellation/ restocking fee

These masks are all made per order. There is a restocking fee of 150$ if a cancellation is made after ordering.

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